Research Assistants


RA Headshot Adam UppendahlAdam Uppendahl

RA Headshot Aly SonnenAly Sonnen

RA Headshot Brett WhalenBrett Whalen

RA Headshot Brian SaylesBrian Sayles

RA Headshot Cameron MooreCameron Moore

RA Headshot Jessica GibsonJessica Gibson

RA Headshot Kimberly TrochuckKimberly Trochuck

RA Headshot Makenzie HuguetMakenzie Huguet

RA Headshot Mara WilsonMara Wilson

RA Headshot Mark ChaikovskyMark Chaikovsky

RA Headshot Paula HastingsPaula Hastings

RA Headshot Rosemary PfaffRosemary Pfaff


RA Headshot Caroline HazapisCaroline Hazapis, Class of 2019

RA Headshot Gabriella LlanoGabriella Llano, Class of 2019

RA Headshot Jori WanerJori Waner, Class of 2019

RA Headshot Sarah NewcomeSarah Newcome, Class of 2019

RA Headshot Annalise De MarcoAnnalise De Marco, Class of 2020

RA Headshot Hannah KenneallyHannah Kenneally, Class of 2020

RA Headshot Jahlecia GregoryJahlecia Gregory, Class of 2021

RA Headshot James WarrenJames Warren, Class of 2021

RA Headshot Taylor BuckTaylor Buck, Class of 2021

RA Headshot Edith JamesEdith James, Class of 2022

RA Headshot Katie RammKatie Ramm, Class of 2022

RA Headshot Kendal MarstonKendal Marston, Class of 2022

RA Headshot Ndicke SowNdicke Sow, Class of 2022


Adam Uppendahl, Class of 2018
Aly Sonnen, Class of 2018
Brett Whalen, Class of 2018
Brian Sayles, Class of 2018
Cameron Moore, Class of 2018
Jessica Gibson, Class of 2018
Kimberly Trochuck, Class of 2018
Makenzie Huguet, Class of 2018
Mara Wilson, Class of 2018
Mark Chaikovsky, Class of 2018
Paula Hastings, Class of 2018
Rosemary Pfaff, Class of 2018
Alyssa McBride, Class of 2017
Andrea Phillips, Class of 2017
Brianna Casey, Class of 2017
Charlie Warner, Class of 2017
Daniel Quigley, Class of 2017
Jake Ricci, Class of 2017
Lucia Sanchez, Class of 2017
Michael Broderick, Class of 2017
Michelle Williams, Class of 2017
Natalie Pottschmidt, Class of 2017
Anna Marie Nguyen, Class of 2016
Catherine Galletti, Class of 2016
Jackson Colton, Class of 2016
Jasmine Moreno, Class of 2016
Jeremiah Peugh, Class of 2016
Jimmy Moley, Class of 2016
Katie Jackson, Class of 2016
Khanh Mai, Class of 2016
Lan Nguyen, Class of 2016
Marissa Bowman, Class of 2016
Philip Allen, Class of 2016
Ray Zhao, Class of 2016
Shirley Chen, Class of 2016
Cheyney McWilliams, Class of 2015
Christian Cooney, Class of 2015
Mary "Tess" Cole, Class of 2015
Mikaela Prego, Class of 2015
Bridget Quinn, Class of 2012
Brooke Reid, Class of 2012
Christopher Stare, Class of 2012

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